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Will job creation be the real top priority?

Sorry for the lack of updates to this blog as of late. I’m going to try my best to get more posts up especially during the legislative session.

As for the upcoming legislative session, we’ve heard now many times from three of the state’s most powerful men that job creation in the private sector will be the unrivaled top priority.

Senate President Pro-Tem Del Marsh (R – Anniston), Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Hubbard, (R – Auburn) and Governor Robert Bentley have told reporters for some time that creating jobs is of paramount importance.

Speaker Hubbard has gone so far as to form his own commission of private citizens to spark ideas and thoughts about creating jobs. The new commission will consist of business owners and leaders from all over the state.

At the press conference announcing the new commission, Hubbard said ‘There is no single issue more important to me than putting Alabamians back to work and growing our economy.”

He went on to add, “Everything that we do in this session needs to be about creating jobs. If it doesn’t create a job then it kind of needs to go down a level because that’s what we need in this state.”

With those statements, Hubbard put a major onus on the entire legislature to propose bills that will stimulate job growth or give the small business community and larger industries incentives to hire.

There is talk about several measures as we’re only about 2 weeks from the legislative session which on the surface have nothing to do with job creation.

House Education Budget Chairman Jay Love, (R – Montgomery) is proposing a bill that would offer liability insurance for teachers, possibly as an attempt to limit more of the Alabama Education Association’s influence. A question I still have is, “Does teacher’s liability insurance create a job?”

If lawmakers address illegal immigration, would that create some sort of task force that would create jobs?

Hubbard even said himself that government doesn’t create jobs and that growth in the private sector should be the state’s focus, not more government.

Outside of passing General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets, if the legislature doesn’t immediately address  job creation and takes up other issues instead, it could make lawmakers look like they didn’t back up their rhetoric.

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