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Watching Sparks & Bentley Campaign

A lot of positive reaction to my stories about Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks.  It’s unprecedented that candidates would allow the news media to wire them up with a microphone for hour after hour and let us shoot video behind the scenes of the campaign.

What surprised me most during the hours we spent on the road with them?  I was most surprised that Bentley allowed me to do it at all.  If you believe the polls, he’s considerably ahead and candidates who are ahead usually do everything they can to minimize risk.  That means managing the media and reducing  access.  I hope that means he will be as transparent if he’s elected Governor.  Same for Sparks.  Neither candidate hesitated to let me follow them and go behind the scenes while they wore out microphones. 

One risk that Bentley does need to minimize, however, is not wearing his seatbelt.  I was behind him in the back seat and never noticed it.  An alert viewer who watched the story pointed it out to me.  I watched the story over again on our web site, and indeed, it does look like the seat belt was hanging from the door frame and not stretched across his chest.

To see the stories on Dr. Bentley and commissioner Sparks go to myfoxal.com… look for the “VIDEO” icon in the middle of the page and just to the right of it click where it says “Video On-Demand.”  The Sparks and Bentley stories are both in that section under Web Extra Videos.

2 Responses to “Watching Sparks & Bentley Campaign”

  1. FYI…..I work in the construction industry and I am hearing feedback from various contractors who watched the debate between Bentley and Sparks. There are several contractors who were going to vote for Bentley, but once they saw the debate, they were extremely impressed with “Sparks”, while being surprisingly dissatisfied with Bentley’s resposes. They have therefore changed their vote to Bentley. They believe Sparks will generate construction/roadway projects, whereas Bentley will be weak in that area. They are also concerned over the “enforcement of the law” for illegals……. Overall, they said Bentley was weak, since he did not respond with solid solutions that they felt confident in.

  2. For years I considered all the stories about Riley, the Indian Casino money and numerous other issues nothing but liberal left wing rumors. I began looking into all the reports, the PBS Bill Moyer Capitol Crimes story on Jack Abramoff and read over the U.S. Senate hearing on Indian affairs report which clearly referenced direct ties leading me to believe these rumors are more than just rumors. I had also heard the speculation about the Christian Coalition which we now know was more than simple speculation since the leader was indicted and numerous others were convicted. For anyone who’s tired of wondering if these stories are fact or fiction I recommend you google Bill Moyers Capitol Crimes report which does an indepth look at the entire scheme directed by Jack Abramoff and the nearly 80 million dollars he was paid by the casino’s to make sure other casinos would not last nor open. It has totally changed my opinion on the Republican Party as it would anyone who sought to research the truth.