Twitter Updates for 2012-06-29

  • Parts of the Medicaid expansion struck down by SCOTUS. Could save Alabama as much as $700 million/year starting in 2019. #alpolitics #
  • Medicaid struck down on basis that states could lose all funding for the program if it didn't expand. #alpolitics #
  • SCOTUS ruled that Congress can vote to expand healthcare services through Medicaid, but can't withhold current funds if states disobey. #
  • "The health care law is an overreach by the fed gov't that creates more regulation, bureaucracy, & dramatic increase in costs to taxpayers." #
  • More Gov. Bentley: "The ACA is the single worst piece of legislation to come out of Congress. This law must be repealed. #alpolitics #
  • Dr. Don Williamson, AL's Public Health Officer says it's unclear what the SCOTUS ruling means for Medicaid now. #
  • Dr. Williamson says he's not concerned with whether the ACA should be repealed. He says he's concerned with managing Medicaid. #
  • Attorney General Luther Strange says SCOTUS ruling means this is a bad day for Federalism. #alpolitics #

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