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The “Just Say No” Crowd

Sometime in the last decade, my father, disgusted with seeing countless local amendments on his general election ballot told me he had had enough. He would not, he declared, vote “yes” for another constitutional amendment on an Alabama ballot until it was “straightened up.”

“Really, Dad, shouldn’t you consider on a case by case basis,” I recall saying.

Nope. He says he has held firm to his “No” strategy over the years.

He now appears to be among the trendsetters.

The Birmingham News Editorial page appears ready to “gum up the works” in the name of constitution reform.

Wednesday the editorial board wrote:

“The fact counties must beg for permission to perform basic functions is the main reason well more than 800 amendments weigh down the Alabama Constitution. What we have isn’t a fundamental charter spelling out citizens’ rights and state government’s responsibilities, but a string of statutory laws for state and local governments.

It makes for inefficient government on a grand scale…. Starting this election cycle, The News’ editorial board will recommend “no” votes on virtually all constitutional amendments.”

The Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform email today:

“Many of us on the Board and supporters of ACCR, Inc., and its efforts to persuade the legislature to allow the people to vote on a constitutional convention, are considering and/or planning to vote “no” on all constitutional amendments next Tuesday.

Although the ACCR, Inc, Board has not officially adopted a Just Vote No strategy, we would like to hear your opinion on the subject as we consider our legislative and advocacy options for the upcoming legislative year.”

There are four statewide amendments on the ballot this year.

AlabamaVotes.gov offers a county-by-county list of sample ballots for Tuesday’s vote.

Read more of Rick Journey’s blog here.

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