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The Fat Lady Is Preparing to Sing…B-I-N-G-O

Rep. Marcel Black (D), House sponsor of SB380

Rep. Marcel Black (D), House sponsor of SB380

To be such a talked about bill all session, this bill turned out to be a big flop. Today the Alabama House carried over SB380 sponsored by Representative Marcel Black. According to Black, SB380 would legalize, tax, and regulate electronic bingo in the state of Alabama. Black spoke on the bill for a few minutes then he told the body that he wanted to make a prediction. Black said, “I want to make a prediction, if you think this vote was a tough vote then I want you to compare it to a vote we will have to make in a few years to raise revenue.”  In closing Black apologized to the Senate sponsor of the legislation, Roger Bedford, for his apparent inability to convince 62 other House members to vote for the bill.  Black asked the body to carry over the legislation at the call of the chair.


The bill is not 100% dead for this session but it is about as close as possible. In an interview after discussing the BINGO legislation, Black said he asked to carry over the bill because he did not want it to prohibit the passage of other good pieces of legislation. Representative Mike Hubbard (R-Minority Leader) said that he believed that Black was missing 7-8 votes. Black and Hubbard both agreed that this issue would be important in the upcoming elections. Hubbard said that he feels that the FBI investigation had an impact on the vote as well. According to Hubbard, for someone with a no vote to change to a yes vote would be very difficult to do with the pending investigation.

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