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The Davis and Sparks Back and Forth

Is calling U.S. Rep. Artur Davis “unelectable” code that a black candidate can not be elected governor in Alabama?

Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks has repeatedly said he is more electable than Rep. Davis, but his campaign argues it is because Davis is a “lousy congressman.”

How about if the “unelectable argument” comes in the form of a newsletter written by a Sparks supporter (distributed independent of the campaign) and states “Can Davis get 20% of the white vote in November? No, but Ron Sparks can.”

That is the claim stemming from a newsletter circulated by the Davis campaign today to showcase what Davis calls “race-tinged” speech in the final three weeks of the Democratic campaign for governor.

The newsletter is attributed to Sparks supporter Ed Kahalley, Sr. who appears as a contributor to the commissioner in campaign finance reports.

The letter states “I am sure that Congressman Artur Davis is a good man and he would be a good Governor if he were elected, but we must be realistic.”

This morning on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama, Davis said “we know what’s going on.”

Davis went on to say, “they are in effect saying if you make Artur Davis the nominee he is unelectable. You are jeopardizing the Democratic party’s chances to win. Candidly, what they mean by that is if an African American is the Democratic nominee for governor, there is going to be a dangerous result for the Democratic Party.”

Davis wants Sparks to “denounce” such claims and return campaign contributions to the author of the newsletter.

Sparks campaign spokesman, Taylor Bright, says in a statement:

“This is a despicable and irresponsible charge by a desperate Artur Davis. Race has no place in any campaign. We had nothing to do with the letter, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Our opinion is Artur Davis is unelectable in November because he is a lousy congressman who voted with banks, insurance companies and credit card companies against the people of Alabama.”

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One Response to “The Davis and Sparks Back and Forth”

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