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18 months of campaigning ends for Tim James

“I have no regrets”, said Tim James this afternoon in Montgomery as he graciously dropped out of the race to be Alabama’s next governor. James who launched his campaign 18 month ago thanked his campaign staff, the capital press corps, and his family for their support.  Speaking of the recount that cost him anywhere between [...]

Bentley Team Questions Recount

The new campaign manager for Rep. Robert Bentley (R-Tuscaloosa) questions the credibility of the recount in the Republican primary based on 16 unsealed ballot boxes in Jefferson county. The AP reports today16 boxes of ballots were found unsealed. The AP story quotes Rep. Arthur Payne (R-Trussville) as saying the sheriff’s department explained to him seals [...]

Alabama GOP Recount Set for Tuesday

Secretary of State Beth Chapman put it this way in an email to GOP chairman Mike Hubbard and the James and Bentley campaigns over the weekend: “Mr. Tim James petitioned for a recount. The Republican Party chairman agreed to a recount, the Attorney General agreed to a recount, I have agreed to a recount…. A [...]

Tim James Asking for Recount

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James announced Monday night he will seek a recount of the votes cast in last Tuesday’s primary election. James, in an email to supporters Monday night, said he did not expect the race to be as close as it is. “Needless to say, last week’s primary election was a surprise,” James [...]

AL GOP considering rule change to stop crossover voting

It could be more than a week before we find out who will face Bradley Byrne in the runoff for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Secretary of State Beth Chapman today said provisional ballots will be counted and the vote certified next Tuesday or Wednesday, and only after that could Tim James or Robert Bentley ask [...]

Election Return Party Video

Gubernatorial candidates Tim James, Roy Moore, Bradley Byrne, and Ron Sparks all chose to hold their election return parties in the capital city. Here is some early video from their campaign parties. More videos will come later in the evening.

Follow Us On Election Night

Looking for election return results on June 1st? Look no further, we will post all results on this blog.   Want to see video of candidates at their election return parties and even some acceptance and concession speeches? We will have it right here.  Desperate for up to the minute tweets on election returns? That’s right, [...]

Bradley Byrne Campaign Responds to Tim James

The Bradley Byrne campaign just released a statement from Comms/Policy Director Marty Sullivan concerning Tim James, the Toll Bridge commercial reaction and calls for an apology to James father, the former governor Fob James. “The facts speak for themselves. Without the law his father supported and helped pass, and without the contract his father signed [...]

Tim James Attacks Bradley Byrne Ad

“We’re getting attacked by my opponent who is desperate and pathetic.” Those words from Tim James in a conference call this afternoon in reaction to a new Bradley Byrne commercial. “The man is lying through his teeth,” Tim James says about his Republican rival for the nomination for governor. The commercial calls James involvement in [...]

AL GOP: James, Moore, Bentley and Byrne on TV this week

Tim James launches a new campaign commercial called Language today. We’ve noticed Roy Moore is now up in Birmingham with one of his musical spots. This one from Elements of Difference. Moore is also touting an endorsement from retired racing legend Bobby Allison. Dr. Robert Bentley has returned to television this week with the One [...]