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James Anderson: Opponent “Just A Washington Lobbyist”

Democratic nominee for Attorney General James Anderson quotes his momma on Good Day Alabama. Anderson says claims by Republican opponent Luther Strange that he has legal ties to Milton McGregor is “just a story.” Anderson says he represents Macon county’s sheriff which has put Anderson in court several times this year over attempted raids of [...]

King Bob?

Could a raid of Victoryland be coming soon because of today’s Alabama Supreme Court decision? The justices, ruling unanimously, overturned the order of Circuit Judge Tom Young, who had held that Gambling Task Force Commander John Tyson did not have the authority to conduct raids without the consent of local officials. Tyson did not say [...]

Grand Jury: Feds tapped phone of Geddie and McGregor

Representative David Grimes (R) testified before a grand jury at the federal courthouse this afternoon in Montgomery. During his testimony, Grimes said that he heard a phone conversation recording between lobbyist Bob Geddie and VictoryLand owner Milton McGergor. Grimes said the conversation surrounded his vote on the BINGO legislation in the state house. Grimes also noted [...]

Bingo Standoff – No End in Sight

Milton McGregor’s electronic bingo casino is now open once again at Victoryland. A judge issued an injunction warning John Tyson, the head of the governor’s task force on illegal gambling, not to raid it. The judge says Tyson lacks any authority to conduct a raid. We have a similar situation at Greenetrack where the sheriff [...]

Clarification – McGregor closes Victoryland games for computer upgrades

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News, Montgomery, AL Clarification on an earlier post: Victoryland owner Milton McGregor asked for a clarification on the closing of the gaming center at the facility in Macon County.  He says the computers being upgraded are not those that operate the electronic bingo machines. He says they are part of the [...]

McGregor Attorney: “Come Join Us.”

Birmingham attorney J. Mark White echoes his client, Milton McGregor’s commercial, saying “come join us.” White says the legal brouhaha brought on by the Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling is bogus. “They know Victoryland is legal…. they understand the only way to come in and take the equipment is for them to act in [...]

Let’s talk gambling…in Alabama

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News Anchor – Montgomery, AL Here in the WSFA 12 Newsroom, we got the first hint that something was up at Victoryland/Quincy’s 777 early on the evening of Thursday January 29th.  A raid on the state’s largest bingo operation?  Nah.  The Illegal Gambling Task Force had its Supreme Court test case [...]

Bingo Battle Reax

Rapid response on the latest volley in the electronic bingo wars (though no response faster than the TRO secured by Milton McGregor as troopers waited to raid Victoryland). Read the story of this morning’s events here. Democratic candidate Ron Sparks campaign released a statement calling the attempted task force raid “an outrageous waste” of state [...]

McGregor’s response to Vitoryland raid

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News Anchor, Montgomery, AL – Milton McGregor’s response to Illegal Gambling Task Force raid on Victoryland in Macon County: _______________________ SHORTER, AL (WSFA) – Statement from Victoryland’s president Milton McGregor on Governor Riley’s choice to raid the entertainment center. It is important for Alabamians to know that Bob Riley [...]

Governor’s office responds to McGregor statement.

By Bob Howell, WSFA 12 News Anchor, Montgomery, AL. Here’s the governor’s office response to the statement by Milton McGregor (see earlier post): ______________________ Governor Bob Riley’s Office response: “Let me get this straight: Milton McGregor is upset that John Tyson got money from a PAC that Milton McGregor contributed to?” “The absurdity of their [...]