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Luther Strange: BP Lawsuit “Strengthens Our Hand”

Attorney General Luther Strange says his court-appointed role as representative for the states at the table with private plaintiffs and the US in the BP oil spill case will be a “plus” for Alabama. Strange, who took office two weeks ago today, appeared this morning on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama. The Republican says he [...]

Rep. John Rogers: Riley Must Protect All Jobs

Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), chairman of the Black Legislative Caucus, is on the road to Eutaw where he will join other members to call for job creation in Greene county. “If you are going to take jobs away, you’ve got to replace those jobs,” Rogers says of the Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling. The [...]

Final Days: Senate Leaders Expect PACT, Road Passage

With e-bingo one of the remaining major bills with a chance of passage in the final two days of the legislative session, House Majority Leader Ken Guin (D-Carbon Hill) says he would prefer to not bring it up if the votes are not there. Rep. Marcel Black (D-Tuscumbia) says he is still working to secure [...]

The Final 4

Alabama lawmakers enter the final 4 working days of the legislative session. Among the bills pending are a bailout of the state’s PACT plan and a ban on texting while driving. Road and Bridge Bond Today House members face that billion dollar road and bridge proposal in the full House. This morning on FOX6 News [...]

e-Bingo: DeMarco and Hilliard talk corruption and the bill

Rep. Earl Hilliard Jr. (D-Birmingham) doesn’t expect any hurry in the House concerning that Senate-passed e-bingo bill. He believes a federal corruption probe determined that last week. “I think it will slow the process… I don’t think anyone will try to speed this bill,” Hilliard says. Hilliard says “lots of people… won’t stop at any [...]

Gambling Amendment – Keep it Simple

You can read the entire U.S. Bill of Rights in just a couple of minutes. All 10 amendments can fit on one page. By contrast, the latest attempt to amend the Alabama Constitution took more than 40 pages! The next time there’s an attempt to change the Alabama Constitution, here’s a thought: Whatever the amendment [...]

Alabama Politics: Quick Notes

If not today, when? Senate President Pro Tem Rodger Smitherman (D-Birmingham)  says he wants e-Bingo handled in the Senate before Spring Break, which is two weeks away. Smitherman dismisses critics saying this is a matter of…. wait for it…. jobs. Watch the full interview here. Sen. Priscilla Dunn (D-Bessemer) has been one of those involved [...]