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Bingo ruling stirs up Democratic gubernatorial campaign

The fallout from the latest bingo ruling is stirring up the Democratic gubernatorial race now just a week away from primary election day. Electronic bingo has been a big issue for gubernatorial candidates from both parties in the primary races, but most Republicans at least agree that they’re opposed to electronic bingo but would tightly [...]

Law school dean says bingo ruling changes balance of power in state government

Could the latest state supreme court ruling over bingo signal a bigger shift in the way Alabama’s state government is run? At least one prominent federal judge thinks so. Judge John Carroll, Dean of Samford’s Cumberland School of Law says Governor Riley walks away from Friday’s ruling with more than just the power to run [...]

Grand Jury: Feds tapped phone of Geddie and McGregor

Representative David Grimes (R) testified before a grand jury at the federal courthouse this afternoon in Montgomery. During his testimony, Grimes said that he heard a phone conversation recording between lobbyist Bob Geddie and VictoryLand owner Milton McGergor. Grimes said the conversation surrounded his vote on the BINGO legislation in the state house. Grimes also noted [...]

Lobbyist sends employee to verify documents for the grand jury

Kyle Shirley, employee of the Austin Group LLC, arrived at the courthouse this morning to verify documents. The Austin Group is owned by Montgomery lobbyist, Claire Austin.

Grand Jury: What the lawmakers had to say after their testimony

Below are links for interviews with Senators Ben Brooks (R), Phil Poole (D), and Charles Bishop (R),  and Representative Jim Barton (R) following their testimony today before a federal grand jury investigating bribery allegations during the March BINGO vote in the Alabama Senate.

BINGO: Pittman on his grand jury testimony

  Interviews with Senator Trip Pittman (R-Baldwin County).  Pittman says that another lawmaker offered to designate 2-5% of bingo revenue to go to coastal insurance for his vote on the BINGO legislation.   Sen. Trip Pittman on his grand jury testimony Senator Trip Pittman on his grand jury testimony #2 Sen. Trip Pittman on his grand jury testimony [...]

BINGO: Grand Jury Testimony

Lawmakers began arriving at the Federal Courthouse this afternoon around 1:00. So far Representative Jim Barton, Senator Trip Pittman, and Senator Charles Bishop all republicans have testified before the federal grand jury. Senator Trip Pittman in an interview before his testimony said that he had no clue why he had been subpoenaed but he suspected [...]

If elected, Ron Sparks says bingo would be a priority

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News Ron Sparks, one of two democrats in the running for governor, has staked much of his campaign fortunes on gambling legislation.  And now, he says if elected he’ll take decisive action.  Here’s his release with a time line for bingo: ___________ Today Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Ron [...]

The Sweet Home Alabama plan

You may have seen the commercials on TV about the “Sweet Home Alabama” plan.  It is a bill in the Alabama Legislature that would legalize electronic bingo, among other things. If you would like to read the actual bill, click here.