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1st Arrivals for Grand Jury and One “Party Crasher”

FOX6 News Reporter Alan Collins tells me the first people have arrived and left for a federal grand jury in Montgomery. Alan and other reporters observed lobbyist John Teague, Tom Coker and communications consultant Rick Heartsill entering the federal courthouse with what appeared to be documents, though none offered any detail of why they were [...]

Candidates Will Rush to Tea Party Events

How big an impact will the Tea Party movement have on Alabama’s June primary for Republicans? It will be significant if you consider the showing by Republican hopefuls for governor at Tea Party events throughout the state. Judge Roy Moore and Dr. Robert Bentley (we can use titles and nicknames in this blog) appear midday [...]

Weekly Recap: Who were the week’s winners and losers?

Who came out on top in Alabama politics this week? Attorney General Troy King faces many fronts at the end of this week. First, his much-talked about announcement Wednesday about his authority over the governor’s anti-gambling task force was quickly dismissed by task force commander John Tyson. Now, Legislative Black Caucus chairman Rep. John Rogers [...]

Bradley Byrne on Bingo: “I wouldn’t sit idly by”

Bradley Byrne says job creation, not gaming, is the number one issue in Alabama. The Mobile Republican is campaigning on his jobs plan in the Birmingham metro today. Still, he admits the current electronic bingo debate is a dominant topic on the trail. This morning on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama, Byrne declared “gaming is [...]

Johnson looks for ‘dirty’ jobs

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News Anchor – Montgomery, AL Republican candidate for governor, Bill Johnson and his wife say they’re looking for Alabama’s dirtiest jobs.  Here’s what they say about their quest: _________________________ From the Bill Johnson campaign:     “We want to identify the dirtiest jobs in Alabama and  work alongside some [...]