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Follow Us On Election Night

Looking for election return results on June 1st? Look no further, we will post all results on this blog.   Want to see video of candidates at their election return parties and even some acceptance and concession speeches? We will have it right here.  Desperate for up to the minute tweets on election returns? That’s right, [...]

Bingo ruling stirs up Democratic gubernatorial campaign

The fallout from the latest bingo ruling is stirring up the Democratic gubernatorial race now just a week away from primary election day. Electronic bingo has been a big issue for gubernatorial candidates from both parties in the primary races, but most Republicans at least agree that they’re opposed to electronic bingo but would tightly [...]

Joe Reed vs. Artur Davis Round ???

The issue of race is bubbling to the surface again in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, just 2 days after both candidates addressed alleged racial undertones to campaign literature coming from South Alabama. This time it’s one of the state’s oldest black political voices who’s stirring the pot. Joe Reed, who’s the leader of the state’s [...]

Artur Davis Holds Newser Today

Democratic candidate for governor and congressman Artur Davis holds a news conference at his Birmingham HQ at 1pm to further discuss what he calls  “racially tinged” rhetoric from supporters of his opponent, Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks. Davis’s calls for Sparks to “denounce” such talk began Monday morning during an interview on FOX6 WBRC’s  Good Day [...]

The Davis and Sparks Back and Forth

Is calling U.S. Rep. Artur Davis “unelectable” code that a black candidate can not be elected governor in Alabama? Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks has repeatedly said he is more electable than Rep. Davis, but his campaign argues it is because Davis is a “lousy congressman.” How about if the “unelectable argument” comes in the form [...]

Artur Davis: Sparks campaign should denounce racial tactics

Here is the full story on WBRC’s website.

Latest Davis Commercial

Congressman Artur Davis releases a new commercial in his campaign for governor. People First touches on special interest, out-of-state tax breaks for corporations and high school drop outs.

Rasmussen Raises Questions About Roy Moore in General Election

Scott Rasmussen’s polling firm releases numbers showing Bradley Byrne (R) strong against Democrats Artur Davis (50%-33%) and Ron Sparks (43%-33%) in hypothetical matchups. Rasmussen Reports finds Tim James (R) in front in a Davis matchup (49%-35%), but tighter with Sparks (38%-34%). Those two Democrats lead Republican Roy Moore in the same survey. Davis wins the [...]

Artur Davis picks up firefighters association endorsement

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News – Montgomery, AL Democrat Artur Davis picked up the support of state firefighters in his bid for his party’s nomination for governor in the June 1 primary election.   Here’s his campaign’s release on the endorsement: __________________________ Alabama Fire Fighters Unanimously Endorse Artur Davis in Democratic Race for Governor Fire [...]

New PPP Survey Suggests Promising Year for GOP

Public Policy Polling says if Republican Bradley Byrne met Democrat Artur Davis in a general election race right now, Byrne would lead 48%-32%. The North Carolina-based firm released the findings of its March 27th-29th poll of 1,270 Alabama voters this afternoon. View the complete poll here. In a Davis- Kay Ivey matchup, Ivey leads 44%-33%. [...]