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Humane Society vs. Cockfighting

George Altman reports in this morning’s Press Register that a bill to strengthen Alabama’s weakest in the nation cockfighting law may be doomed. Altman quotes Rep. Jim Barton (R-Mobile) saying “the sentiment of the House – particularly a lot of the north Alabama representatives (is that they) do not want to deal with it…. I [...]

Dem Fatigure with the “Handshake”

Well, did you expect Democrats to tell the new Republican majority “good job?” You can hear the fatigure when Democrats talk about the Republican “Handshake With Alabama,” which was a mid-summer 2010 campaign promise. Recently, Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) quipped to me “the ‘Handshake’ is about to break my arm.” Sunday, Dana Beyerle of the [...]

Caught on Video: Network News Gives Al. Pol the Spotlight

“If you don’t want me to take this to you, leave.” Those words from Rep. A.J. McCampbell (D-Linden) caught on video during an ABC News investigation into lobbyists influence on statehouses across the country. Rep. McCampbell was holding a golf club in his hand as he dismissed a college journalist’s repeated questions about his golf [...]

1st Arrivals for Grand Jury and One “Party Crasher”

FOX6 News Reporter Alan Collins tells me the first people have arrived and left for a federal grand jury in Montgomery. Alan and other reporters observed lobbyist John Teague, Tom Coker and communications consultant Rick Heartsill entering the federal courthouse with what appeared to be documents, though none offered any detail of why they were [...]

Gateway to Goat Hill (Legislative Week in Review)

   Black bails on BINGO vote  The issue that dominated this legislative session died in the House of Representatives and thus will never receive a vote of the people. The lead sponsor of BINGO legislation in the House, Marcel Black (D), addressed the House on Wednesday afternoon. Black assured the body that a vote to [...]

Final Days: Senate Leaders Expect PACT, Road Passage

With e-bingo one of the remaining major bills with a chance of passage in the final two days of the legislative session, House Majority Leader Ken Guin (D-Carbon Hill) says he would prefer to not bring it up if the votes are not there. Rep. Marcel Black (D-Tuscumbia) says he is still working to secure [...]

The Final 4

Alabama lawmakers enter the final 4 working days of the legislative session. Among the bills pending are a bailout of the state’s PACT plan and a ban on texting while driving. Road and Bridge Bond Today House members face that billion dollar road and bridge proposal in the full House. This morning on FOX6 News [...]

Majority Leader Expects Quick Passage of Alabama Budgets

House Majority Leader Ken Guin (D-Carbon Hill) expects smooth sailing for the Special Education Trust Fund. Debate begins on the House floor today. The nearly $5.5 billion dollar budget, buoyed by extra millions from a lawsuit and a bond, should cover all teacher slots the state provides. Earlier this session that was not expected to [...]

Hinton Mitchem calls it quits

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News State Senator Hinton Mitchem announced today he will not seek reelection.  Mitchem is the longest serving member of the state legislature, having first been elected 36 years ago.  Mitchem served four years in the Alabama House of Representatives before moving up to the Alabama Senate in 1978.  Here’s his [...]

An e-Bingo “No” Vote Proposes New Plan

Sen. Paul Sanford (R-Huntsville) exchanged sharp words with e-bingo sponsor Sen. Roger Bedford before the failed vote this morning. Sanford voted “no” on the procedural vote after Bedford claimed he had his support a day earlier. In a statement released since that vote, Sen. Sanford says he’ll offer a new bill this week that will [...]