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State Superintendent on School Start Date

We’ve heard a lot in recent days from state school superintendent Joe Morton when it comes to AYP.

Today, something different.

Dr.Morton says the movement to push the school start date later in the month may have a better shot in the upcoming legislative session.

He points to the man who plans to take up the fight

“Richard Lindsey …. he’d like to move that (school state date) back to August 21st or 22nd,” Dr. Morton tells FOX6 News Good Day Alabama today.

Morton’s reasoning?

Lindsey, A Centre Democrat, has served as chairman of the powerful Education Finance and Appropriations Committee. Political Parlor lists his D-39 race as “Likely Democrat.” If Dems hold power, well, he could be in a prime position to build momentum for the bill.


“Local school boards…. are very determined not to give up their right to set the calender,” Morton points out.

For years, many parents have grumbled about the return to school in early August. It has sparked several unsuccessful efforts to push the school year back.

Most schools start next week with the first day Monday for many.

Dr. Morton says “its going to be a good battle to watch.”

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