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Sheila Smoot on 7th District Race

Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot says 7th district leaders must partner with the state to create jobs.

Smoot is in the Democratic runoff with Terri Sewell for the congressional race to replace Artur Davis.

The winner faces the winner of a Republican runoff in a heavily Democratic district.

This morning on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama, Smoot talked about her plans to find jobs for the 7th district.

She also criticized the state’s efforts to shutdown e-bingo at Greenetrack, an operation found to be illegal gambling by the task force on illegal gambling set up by Gov. Riley.

Smoot says the 400 jobs lost by the seizure of 800 e-bingo machines will create a strain of thousands of other jobs.

“(You) just don’t do it in that matter,” Smoot says, “come in with a plan of action to replace what was taken away.”

Read more from Rick Journey’s blog here.

One Response to “Sheila Smoot on 7th District Race”

  1. According to all the news accounts in the past years
    as well as shelia smoots activities on the council
    has proved that shelia smoot is a lair and a thief
    the citizens would be well served to remove smoot from any public office….of course the district smoot is running is 90% black so it won;t matter whether smoot is a thief as well as a smart mouth as long as she is black or nearly so.