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Roy Moore on Gambling Court Decision


GOP Candidate for Governor Roy Moore put out a statement today about the most recent State Supreme Court decision on gambling.   This is what his campaign manager, James Henderson, sent out:


“Judge Roy Moore made the following statement concerning the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on Monday against electronic bingo in Etowah County.

According to Judge Roy Moore, “ this was but another attempt by those who favor gambling to force their views on the people of Alabama.  We are thankful the Alabama Supreme Court in a unanimous decision upheld the Constitutionality of Section 65 of the Alabama Constitution.  In doing so they quoted extensively from a brief which I filed in that case.  Once again the gambling forces have suffered a setback, but are expected to continue their efforts despite the law.”

Judge Moore “wrote the book” on how to stop illegal gambling in Alabama and has set the standard for the kind of honesty and integrity that our state needs and wants in our next governor. ” 


One Response to “Roy Moore on Gambling Court Decision”

  1. Roy Moore. Right on! You’ll see leadership like this when the people want things to go well in the land! We’ve got to stand up and fight! Fight, people! Don’t let those bloated gambling interests corrupt our government! Get them the he!! out!