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Riley and King exchange letters regarding this morning’s attempted raid

Attorney General Troy King  sent Governor Bob Riley a letter today reacting to the attempted early morning raid by the Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling. Governor Riley responded with a letter back to King. See both letters below…

View King’s Letter here

View Riley’s letter here.

3 Responses to “Riley and King exchange letters regarding this morning’s attempted raid”

  1. let the people decide regarding gambling in Alabama,
    one or two men cannot and should not make this decision.
    thank you,
    elsie day

  2. i think gov. riley should stop geting money from the casinos & let the people of our great state make the decision whether they want gambling to be legal. he doesn’t have the right to dictate the peoples wishies without giving them the chance to vote on it.

  3. In order to construct a building such as country crossing wouldn’t they need permits? If Riley was sooooo against this and was going to act like a child that didnt get the toy he wanted then why grant those permits and let it be built?All he is doing now is throwing away taxpayers money just to throw a tantrum. It seems like now is the only time he seems concerned with bringing up laws and trying to enforce them. There are people killing others and he is wasting his manpower on something as frivolous as this. I personally am tired of busting my behind at work for my tax money to be used on this. Country Crossing isn’t harming anyone physically, it is a place people can go to relax and have a good time. It honestly is probably one of the only things that brings people to this lame state and this state is so lame cuz of “leadership” like Rileys. I am against Riley and fully support Country Crossing. Grow up a bit Mr. Riley.