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Rasmussen Raises Questions About Roy Moore in General Election

Scott Rasmussen’s polling firm releases numbers showing Bradley Byrne (R) strong against Democrats Artur Davis (50%-33%) and Ron Sparks (43%-33%) in hypothetical matchups.

Rasmussen Reports finds Tim James (R) in front in a Davis matchup (49%-35%), but tighter with Sparks (38%-34%).

Those two Democrats lead Republican Roy Moore in the same survey. Davis wins the early hypothetical 44%-40% and Sparks leads 40%-35%.

Birmingham Southern College’s Natalie Davis says a Moore nomination would be favorable to Dems this year.

It is a challenge facing Republicans in the field because Moore’s base of support polls near the top in the June primary, but suggest weakness in November.

Natalie Davis also talks about a new BSC survey that shows likely voters backing e-bingo in a statewide vote.

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3 Responses to “Rasmussen Raises Questions About Roy Moore in General Election”

  1. The challenge facing Republicans in the field is their failure to distingush conservativism and morality from moderate relativism. You’ve got a firm foundation on the one hand and shifting sand on the other; Roy Moore, who build his house on the rock, and Dems who want simply to climb the ladder of political success. If a majority want the latter, then I guess we’ll suffer through.

  2. Will he give up his salary until Alabama’s back to work?

  3. Dr. Davis said that the voters might think, “Hmm. I don’t like it, but maybe we need the money.” It would have been more fitting if she had said that the voters might think, “Hmm. These are rough times, and any port in a storm will do.” Yeah, right. YOU go ahead and put YOUR trust (or find your shelter) in gambling; but don’t invite into OUR state all that filth that comes with it. KEEP YOUR FILTHY MONEY OUT OF ALABAMA. Gambling gets you a whole lot of nothing, and we’ve got more nothing than we know what to do with.