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New PPP Survey Suggests Promising Year for GOP

Public Policy Polling says if Republican Bradley Byrne met Democrat Artur Davis in a general election race right now, Byrne would lead 48%-32%.

The North Carolina-based firm released the findings of its March 27th-29th poll of 1,270 Alabama voters this afternoon. View the complete poll here.

In a Davis- Kay Ivey matchup, Ivey leads 44%-33%.

Ouch! considering sources point to Ivey leaving the Republican field this afternoon to seek the nomination for lieutenant governor. PPP reported Tuesday she was tied for a distant third with Robert Bentley in the Republican primary (neither Bentley nor Bill Johnson were included in this survey).

PPP gives James a 42%-33% edge over Davis.

The Democratic congressman performs best in a matchup with Roy Moore, trailing the “10 Commandments Judge” 43%-37%.

Sure to be a Team Sparks email this afternoon, Ag Commissioner Ron Sparks fares better in hypothetical matchups by PPP (but still trails).

Byrne 43% Sparks 30%
Ivey 39% Sparks 33%
James 38% Sparks 33%
Moore 42% Sparks 37%

The survey also finds Gov. Bob Riley seeing a drop in his support. Fifty percent of voters now disapprove of him, compared to 36% who give him good marks.

Among the candidates, Davis has the highest “unfavorability” at 36% with Moore second highest at 34%.

Of those polled, 50% identify themselves as “conservative,” 37% as “moderate” and 13% as “liberal.”

On the topic of party id, 43% say they are Republican, 36% Democrat and 21% Independent/Other.

The margin of error is 2.8%.

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One Response to “New PPP Survey Suggests Promising Year for GOP”

  1. Of course Sparks is a closer matchup with Moore! If it looked more like the Byrne-Davis comparison, we wouldn’t have to have as much faith! At least Moore knows where to put his hope and trust! We’re not lazy, people! Get up and FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Don’t let anyone tell you to give up your rights or liberties! With Moore in office, you’d know who he’s fighting for!