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New Ask Alabama Poll on Gambling

A new Ask Alabama poll from Auburn University says 68% support a lottery and 60% back video gambling to boost state budgets and education spending.

Details, the questions and methodology can be viewed here.

Supporters of a constitutional amendment dealing with electronic bingo will count votes over the weekend, leading up to Tuesday’s session. Sen. Hank Erwin (R-Montevallo), a gambling foe and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, says a large anti-gambling rally is expected Tuesday afternoon in Montgomery. Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham) vows “busloads” of gambling supporters will be mobilized and arriving in the capital city as well.

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One Response to “New Ask Alabama Poll on Gambling”

  1. Rick
    In a story published today from GadsdenMetro.com, Etowah County’s Legislative Delegation is promising the Sweet Home Alabama bill, as it is written now, won’t see the light of day.

    Two members of the local delegation, Jack Page (D) and Craig Ford (D), both friends with Milton McGregor, say the exclusion of Etowah and Walker County will cause problems for the bill, even if it DOES come out of the Senate. All three Representatives from Etowah County have seats on the House Rules Committee (a VERY unique situation). Along with Ken Guin’s (D) vote on the powerful Rules Committee, the group has a block of four out of fifteen, along with the weight of Guin’s big stick to push some others away from the bill.

    Senator Larry Means (D) of Etowah County, has already publicly promised to offer amendments to the Sweet Home Alabama bill that would provide protection for the Etowah County Bingo Development, if it makes it to the Senate Floor.

    However, a 3/5th vote will be necessary to even get the bill onto the Senate Floor in front of any unpassed budget legislation. That BIR, says Page and Ford, will be HIGHLY unlikely to pass. Then, the amendment will require a 2/3rds majority vote.

    Page told attendees at an informational meeting today at the Gadsden Chamber meeting room that he expects the Senate to gavel in around 2 pm on Tuesday, and a filibuster will begin until the bingo bill is removed from the table.

    So… and its unusual that one could say this… I think “the house” is the loser this week… but, for how long, I couldn’t say.

    This is what, the third, fourth version of McGregor’s bingo bill? And it STILL won’t pass muster in the legislature. King has drawn the lines even deeper in the sand between the Governor and gambling proponents. Tyson apparently is continuing his efforts to push electronic bingo right on past the state lines and slamming the doors shut on their way out.

    Who knows how long the house will lose… but this week… I’d say Gilley, McGregor, et al are the losers.