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Montgomery’s Reaction to Health Care Overhaul

House Majority Leader Ken Guin (D-Carbon Hill) expects a few lawmakers to voice their feelings about Washington’s just-signed-into-law health care overhaul.

He would be surprised if they didn’t take to the House floor for a dose of rhetoric on the law. Still, the veteran lawmaker “hopes” it doesn’t eat up time as the legislature returns from spring break for the final 10 days of the session.

“I don’t know of anyone who has read the final version… who has analyzed it,” Guin says.

The Walker county Democrat also knows bills were pre-filed this session in opposition of any federal health care reform bill.

Whether Rep. Robert Bentley’s HB42 or Rep. Mac Gipson’s HB47 makes any moves in committee in the final third of this session remains questionable in Guin’s eyes. Both bills call for constitutional amendments to prohibit a mandate to join any federal health care system.

“We’ve got so much stuff for the rest of this session. The budgets, the CA on the road bond issue,  John Knights food tax bill…. we’re still working on votes for that.”

Guin says about the early reaction to HCR, “sometimes you have to sit back and wait to see whats in it.”

Homewood Republican Rep. Paul DeMarco feels he knows enough about the contents and expects strong discussion this week.

“The impact this bill is going to have not only on the citizens, but the state of Alabama,” DeMarco says, “we can’t afford what they’re sending down. We already have a Medicaid crisis.”

“We cant afford it. It needs to be addressed,” he says on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama.

Rep. Merika Coleman (D-Hueytown) calls Republican criticism of the plan “political posturing… they don’t have a leg to stand on.”

Earlier this morning, Alabama Attorney General Troy King joined 6th District Congressman Spencer Bachus in Washington to detail Alabama’s involvement in a legal challenge of the federal health care overhaul. King and 11 other attorneys general say the legislation over-reaches.

The South Florida Business Journal posted the lawsuit on its website moments after it was filed in Pensacola.

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2 Responses to “Montgomery’s Reaction to Health Care Overhaul”

  1. I, and I am not the only one, see the country being devided down the middle and I see the bill as an act of treason on the president’s part in not allowing the people to vote on it!!!! The House and the Senate are not representing the wishes of the people and it is the first step to a dictatorship!!! I hope they are all voted out in November!

  2. “I don’t know of anyone who has read the final version… who has analyzed it,” Guin says.

    This is a direct quote from the House Majority Leader in Montgomery.
    How can ANY RESPONSIBLE REPRESENTATIVE of the people vote on something as important as this with such a lack of knowledge?
    We are going back to a question of State’s Rights, which led to the first War Between the States. In this case, I don’t believe it will be between the states, but between Washington D.C. and the rest of the country.
    We have a person of questionable heritage and citizenship in the White House, pushing things, a “wanna be Queen” as Speaker of the House, backing him up, and nobody seems to care.
    We are a people of Freedom. Yet we are being by “Mr. & Mrs. Let’s Make History.”
    They will make history. This country is about to explode and I hate to see the end result.