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Luther Strange Lampoons Troy King

This is one the Friends of Luther Strange hope goes viral.

A new video on a new site: the Strange campaign has launched FindTroyKing.com with the Troy King is Missing video. Watch the video on YouTube here.

The King cover of Johnny Cash apparently dates back to late 2007.

You can find some background at Doc’s Political Parlor and Left in Alabama.

Maybe we should call this the battle for the Man in Black vote.

Last September, Team King posted this “endorsement” by Johnny Cash Radio on YouTube. Listen here.

Read more of Rick Journey’s blogs here.

One Response to “Luther Strange Lampoons Troy King”

  1. Anybody that woul listen to or vote for Luther Strange is just voting for a Riley and Tyson inbred because he would be just kike them would you want more Riley and Tyson not me cant wait for those two to disappear. our Attorney has been ridiculed by Riley and Tyson he has kepy his thought to his self about them he is better than both. My opnion.