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Kay Ivey on Healthcare Reform passage

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News – Montgomery, AL
 GOP gubernatorial hopeful Kay Ivey reacts to the passage of the Healthcare Reform bill in the U.S. House of Representatives Sunday night.  Here’s her statement:
(MONTGOMERY, AL – March 22, 2010)   – “While the Democrat-led House may have succeeded in cramming this legislation down the throats of an unwilling American public by a razor-thin margin, the fight to resist this oppressive power-grab by a power-hungry Federal government goes on.
“This bill is an affront to the Unites States Constitution. It is an affront to small business owners. It is an affront to the hardworking members of the medical community. And, in the end, it is an affront and abomination to every Alabamian who values the constitutional freedom that is his or her birthright.
“I applaud and commend the efforts of the attorneys general and dozens of state legislators across the nation in banding together to protect state sovereignty by fighting this, one of the most oppressive pieces of legislation to ever emerge from Congress in my lifetime.
“I pray that a fair-minded judicial system will place more value on the U.S. Constitution than Washington, DC’s Democrat oligarchy did, and will be able to undo the terrible harm that was caused in the U.S. House chamber late Sunday night.” 



One Response to “Kay Ivey on Healthcare Reform passage”

  1. Dear Ms. Ivey:

    Thank you for standing with all of us who are against this most damaging vote for HCR! Washington is not listening!

    I pray with you that the Judicial System will side and place more value on the U.S. Constitution.


    Joan Searcy