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If elected, Ron Sparks says bingo would be a priority

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News

Ron Sparks, one of two democrats in the running for governor, has staked much of his campaign fortunes on gambling legislation.  And now, he says if elected he’ll take decisive action.  Here’s his release with a time line for bingo:


Today Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Ron Sparks announced a four-pronged solution to gaming in Alabama.

Sparks announced on the first day he takes office he would:

  • Disband the gaming task force
  • Fire John Tyson as commander of task force
  • Call for a special session on Day One in office. Convene special session on Day Two
  • Move to re-open casinos and let people vote

“On the first day I’m governor, I will put an end to this madness,” Sparks said. “This has gone on too long. I am the first and only candidate that has a plan to tax and regulate gaming, a plan to have an education lottery and a plan to let the people vote on casinos.

“I will get rid of the gaming task force and John Tyson. I will move to re-open casinos and give those 6,000 people back their jobs. In my inaugural address, I will call for a special session of the Legislature to fix gaming. We will have a special session on Day Two to fix this problem once and for all.

“Artur Davis does not have that plan and he does not have the courage to stand up here like I do and tell you exactly what he would do. I do.

“I will start working the day I am elected and I will be prepared the day I take office to call and convene a special session – with bills in hand – and fix this problem.”

Nov. 2 – Call for special session

Nov. 3 – Begin working with Legislature to organize and prepare for special session

Jan. 17 – Make call for special session in inaugural address

Jan. 18 – Convene special session

2 Responses to “If elected, Ron Sparks says bingo would be a priority”

  1. I would think other issues should take priority…

    Gov. SPENDING is one that comes to mind. We as a NATION can not spend our way to prosperity,

  2. Ich hab mich im Leben schon viel gefragt vor allem wie man Geld verdienen kann und habe dazu ein