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Gambling Amendment – Keep it Simple

You can read the entire U.S. Bill of Rights in just a couple of minutes. All 10 amendments can fit on one page.

By contrast, the latest attempt to amend the Alabama Constitution took more than 40 pages! The next time there’s an attempt to change the Alabama Constitution, here’s a thought: Whatever the amendment is about, keep it simple.

If it’s a gambling amendment, as it was in the latest instance, perhaps supporters could shorten it to one or two pages and simply require two things.

(1) An independent state gambling commission with strong regulatory powers whose members are insulated from control or influence by the governor, legislators or the gambling industry.

(2) A competitive bidding or application process.

Then, let the people vote.

Does it have to be any more complicated than that to protect the interests of taxpayers and players? What do you think?


3 Responses to “Gambling Amendment – Keep it Simple”

  1. I can read between the lines in a second. How about informed consent? How many Alabamians understand the degree of the relationship between gambling and gambling-related crime? Can we get some sort of analysis before we jump head-first?

  2. . . . When I say, “analysis,” I don’t mean some contrived compilation of “fiscal notes.” That doesn’t tell me how much of my tax dollars are going to be spent covering the dearth of law enforcement caused by the need to round up all the prostitutes and loan sharks.

  3. Can I assume by your comments that you believe prostitutes and loan sharks do not exist in Alabama today? Hm.