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Dem Fatigure with the “Handshake”

Well, did you expect Democrats to tell the new Republican majority “good job?”

You can hear the fatigure when Democrats talk about the Republican “Handshake With Alabama,” which was a mid-summer 2010 campaign promise.

Recently, Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) quipped to me “the ‘Handshake’ is about to break my arm.”

Sunday, Dana Beyerle of the NYT Regional Papers wrote Senate Republicans will now take up the House-passed “Handshake” agenda with the greatest conflict perhaps centering around illegal immigration.

Today on Good Day Alabama, House Minority Leader Craig Ford (D-Gadsden) offered a quick criticism of the “Handshake” agenda while discussing efforts to protect last year’s PACT bailout.

“They’ve (Republicans) addressed their ‘Hand Shake With Alabama.’ We spent a third of the session addressing these bills, which are unconstitutional, and now we’re going after the PACT program and take money from the PACT program.”

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