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New Alabama Unemployment Numbers

Alabama’s new unemployment picture is not as bleak as the United States as a whole, but it certainly isn’t the best of news. After a long period of stagnant job growth in the state, Alabama has now faced 2 straight months, December and November 2010, of an increase in the number of unemployed Alabamians. For [...]

Filibuster on Payroll Deduction Bill

As I started to write this blog post, the House moved to adjourn at 11:59PM and to reconvene at 12:01AM on December 15. That essentially means they are bracing themselves for an all-nighter. There were cries from the press room asking them not too, but they couldn’t hear us behind the glass. Democrats started to [...]

Special Session Next Week

In case you haven’t heard, Governor Bob Riley announced Wednesday that Alabama lawmakers will show up to work more than 3 months early for a Special Session on ethics reform. Riley’s call for a Special Session included bills to outlaw or limit certain lobbyists practices as well as those that happen during campaigns. It turns [...]

Press Conference on Special Session Tomorrow

Governor Bob Riley has called a press conference for tomorrow afternoon at 3PM to discuss a “Possible Special Session” according to the press release. In this reporter’s opinion it is to call a Special Session and not just to discuss one or to say he’s decided not to. It has reached a point now where [...]

When the Special Session Will Happen

No, don’t get excited. I don’t have the big scoop on when it will happen. But after speaking with many lawmakers over the past 2 days, it is clear this Special Session to address ethics reform is going to happen and it’s not difficult to figure out when it will occur. Let’s take a look [...]

Special Session Possible on Ethics

Governor-Elect Robert Bentley spoke to both the House and Senate GOP caucuses yesterday and during his remarks he addressed the possibility of a Special Session of the Alabama Legislature on ethics reform. “Ethics reform can’t be passed fast enough for me,” Bentley said. Current Governor Bob Riley has discussed the possibility of a special session [...]

House & Senate Leadership Selections

Yesterday, the Alabama GOP found itself in a position it hadn’t experienced in more than 130 years (There’s been a lot of this lately). It was their turn to pick the top leaders in the Alabama Statehouse. Senate leaders met at the Alabama Forestry Association in Montgomery to pick their Majority Leader and President Pro-Tempore [...]

Write-In Candidates

Every election, in every year, some voters decide that the candidates they see printed on their ballot are just not to their liking. Those are times when people choose to go with a “write-in” candidate rather than the common candidates. It has happened many times in political history when a write-in candidate has won their [...]

Understanding Amendment 1

As election day approaches on November 2, we’re going to do our best to give you as much information as we can about each of the proposed constitutional amendments on this year’s ballot. Today we start with Amendment 1. Amendment 1 is probably the most difficult of the 4 proposed constitutional amendments to understand on [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-22

Town of Pike Road opened its Town Hall today. Mayor says the town was 350 people in 1997. Now it's more than 5000. Huge growth. # RSA Chief Dr. David Bronner says Amendment 3 is a bad idea for Alabama. Says it would not create jobs fast enough. ^MR # ARBA President Billy Norrell says [...]