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Grand Jury Back in Action

Round three for the Federal Grand Jury investigating bribery at the Alabama Statehouse began this morning in Montgomery. Jerry Bassett the director of the legislative reference service at the Alabama State House spent three hours with the jury discussing the process of drafting legislation. Here is the video of Mr. Bassett’s exit interview.

Rasmussen: State Lawmakers to Blame for Budget Woes

A national Rasmussen Reports survey out this morning finds 75% of Americans say state budget problems are due to politicians unwilling to cut spending. Eighty percent polled say they live in a state facing budget problems. Only 19% questioned say they are willing to pay higher taxes to resolve those budget problems. Read the questions [...]

Rep. John Rogers: Riley Must Protect All Jobs

Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), chairman of the Black Legislative Caucus, is on the road to Eutaw where he will join other members to call for job creation in Greene county. “If you are going to take jobs away, you’ve got to replace those jobs,” Rogers says of the Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling. The [...]

Final Grand Jury Testimoy for the Day-Joe Perkins

Closing out grand jury testimonies for today, Joe Perkins spoke with the media about his time with the feds. Here is the video below. Perkins also addressed comments by Congressman Artur Davis about what his appearance before the grand jury means for the Ron Sparks campaign.

UPDATED: Grand Jury Testimonies continue

Lobbyists continue to flock to the federal courthouse today for their turn testifying before the federal grand jury. Here is video of lobbyist Joe Perkins with the Matrix Group and Rick Hertsill with Direct Communications entering the courthouse.

Lobbyists continue to file in one by one

A steady stream of lobbyists continue to march into the federal courthouse today. Lobbyist Don Gilbert testified before the Grand Jury this morning and following him was Johnny Moore a lobbyist for the Porch Creek Indians. See the video below.

Lobbyist Michael Sullivan testifies to FBI agents

Lobbyist Michael Sullivan spoke with FBI agents this morning at the federal courthouse in connection with the federal probe into bribery allegations at the AL State House.

Federal Grand Jury Returns, Lobbyists Testify

Lobbyists return to Montgomery to testify before the federal grand jury. This morning at least 4 lobbyists have walked into the federal courthouse. See video below of Michael Sullivan, enterin the federal courthouse and Noope Cosby exiting. Cosby said he did not testify before the grand jury, he rather sat down with federal agents.

Grand Jury: Sen. Scott Beason breaks the record for longest testimony

The final testomy of the day came from Sen. Scott Beason (R) who sat with the grand jury for a whopping hour and forty-five minutes. Beason said that in the spring of 2009 he had a conversation with a lobbyist at the AL State House that made him feel uncomfortable. He stated that after the conversation [...]

Grand Jury: What the lawmakers had to say after their testimony

Below are links for interviews with Senators Ben Brooks (R), Phil Poole (D), and Charles Bishop (R),  and Representative Jim Barton (R) following their testimony today before a federal grand jury investigating bribery allegations during the March BINGO vote in the Alabama Senate.