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Sue Bell Cobb, the court and future of Democrats

Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb’s unexpected decision to exit the court more than a year before her term ends has people talking. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Cam Ward (R-Alabaster), Cumberland Law School Dean John Carroll and Democrat activist and consultant Martha Bozeman talk about the current political shocker on Good Day Alabama. Watch here. [...]

“Personhood” Bill Set for Committee Vote

Tough question for Alabama lawmakers to deal with this session. Perhaps tougher than many of you will realize. Here it is: when do you become a person? At birth or is it the minute the sperm fertilizes the egg? Now throw in this complication. What if the fertilized egg isn’t in the womb. Is the [...]

Humane Society vs. Cockfighting

George Altman reports in this morning’s Press Register that a bill to strengthen Alabama’s weakest in the nation cockfighting law may be doomed. Altman quotes Rep. Jim Barton (R-Mobile) saying “the sentiment of the House – particularly a lot of the north Alabama representatives (is that they) do not want to deal with it…. I [...]

Dem Fatigure with the “Handshake”

Well, did you expect Democrats to tell the new Republican majority “good job?” You can hear the fatigure when Democrats talk about the Republican “Handshake With Alabama,” which was a mid-summer 2010 campaign promise. Recently, Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) quipped to me “the ‘Handshake’ is about to break my arm.” Sunday, Dana Beyerle of the [...]

Alabama Legislature: Bentley, Budgets and Forever Wild

Committee work picks up today in Montgomery. This morning, AEA took the stance as the only group opposing Rep. Greg Canfield’s (R-Vestavia) “Rolling Reserve Budget” bill during a hearing. The state Department of Education backs the idea. This Huntsville Times editorial looks at the issue. Canfield and Jefferson county Democrat, Rep. Merika Coleman react to [...]

Bradley Byrne Pushes “Reform Alabama”

Bradley Byrne says he’s “very impressed” with the legislature and expects an “activist” session from the new Republican majority. As for the man who defeated him in a bitter Republican primary, Byrne says Gov. Robert Bentley deserves to be given time. “Those budgets he presents next week will be key.” The candidate who was favored [...]

New GOP Chairman: Focus on County Courthouse

Newly elected Alabama Republican Party chairman Bill Armistead says the greatest challenge facing the state GOP may be “Democrats wanting to jump ship and come over and take control of the Republican party.” This morning on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama, Armistead warned Democratic office holders who want to switch parties for the “purpose of [...]

Can Republican “Handshake” Seal the Deal?

The chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), calls it old politics that won’t work. State Treasurer and Republican nominee for Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey says she’s “ready, willing and able to make this agenda pass.” Reaction to the state GOP’s “Handshake with Alabama” is predictable. House and Senate Republican leaders promoted [...]

GOP Poll Shows Edge in Generic Ballot for Alabama Legislature

Inboxes for reporters today contain results from a statewide poll commissioned by the state GOP concerning a generic legislative ballot. McLaughlin & Associates reports 50% of voters prefer the Republican candidate on a generic legislative ballot. Thirty-three percent favor the Democrat in the survey. McLaughlin says Republicans get a boost from Independent voters (49%-15%). When [...]

State Superintendent on School Start Date

We’ve heard a lot in recent days from state school superintendent Joe Morton when it comes to AYP. Today, something different. Dr.Morton says the movement to push the school start date later in the month may have a better shot in the upcoming legislative session. He points to the man who plans to take up [...]