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Can Republican “Handshake” Seal the Deal?

The chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), calls it old politics that won’t work.

State Treasurer and Republican nominee for Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey says she’s “ready, willing and able to make this agenda pass.”

Reaction to the state GOP’s “Handshake with Alabama” is predictable.


House and Senate Republican leaders promoted the agenda Monday in their effort to claim control in one or both legislative bodies in November.

Dems say that’s all you’ve got?

GOPers argue a century of Democratic rule in the legislature has accomplished little.

Some spirited back-and-forth summed it up between Rep. Merika Coleman (D-Midfield) and Rep. Paul DeMarco (R-Homewood) earlier today on FOX6 News Good Day Alabama.

Over at the Birmingham News, Joey Kennedy writes Republicans “have some pretty good initiatives on their to-do list” in changing the budgeting process for the Special Education Trust Fund and ethics reform, but he observes “they had to start swinging the demagogue stick” in the proposal for an Arizona-style immigration law and attempt to block the federal government’s health care reform act.

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