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Bryne: Hubbert killed Ala chances for millions in education funds

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News Anchor, Montgomery, AL

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne blames AEA boss Paul Hubbert with killing Alabama’s chances to get millions in federal grants.  It appears the adversarily relationship between the former two-year college chancellor and the powerful AEA goes on.  Interesting read here:


From Bradley Byrne for Governor:

MOBILE – Jan. 25, 2010 – According to a weekend report from the Mobile Press-Register, Alabama Education Association leader Paul Hubbert effectively killed Alabama’s shot at competing for a portion of $4.35 billion worth of federal education dollars that would be used for extensive education reforms. Among the reforms Hubbert disliked, and had removed from the state’s application for federal grant money, were performance-based pay for teachers, quarterly standardized tests for all students, a new salary schedule that would give more money to math, science and special-education teachers, and five others.
Following the news of Hubbert’s work to exclude these reform proposals from the state’s application for federal funds, conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne issued the following statement:

“It is a sad day when the person who claims to stand for teachers and school children can single-handedly and purposefully kill Alabama’s best shot at substantial funding for proven education reforms.  If we’re going to move Alabama forward by bringing excellence to education, we can’t let Paul Hubbert dictate what can and can’t be done for our students and teachers. I wonder if he even bothered to tell our teachers that he’s the one who likely killed their best shot at a salary increase in the near future?
“It is time to bring an end, once and for all, to these politics of the past. The fact is, education in Alabama will go nowhere until we make sure that our only ‘special interest’ is our children. As Alabama’s next governor, I will stand up to those with hidden agendas and see to it that our children get the fair shot they deserve at a quality education, and that our hard-working teachers have every opportunity to grow in their careers.”

One Response to “Bryne: Hubbert killed Ala chances for millions in education funds”

  1. Byrne took campaign contributions from Hubbert in the past and now he needs a political foil to jazz up his tanking campaign. You enabled Hubbert, Mr. Byrne. Have you returned all the AEA money you received in the past?

    Byrne also worked in the State Senate in 2003 to pass all ten of Paul Hubbert;s bills to raise our taxes 1.2 BILLION dollars. Please, go buy some credibility you hypocrite.

    This guy will say ANYTHING to get elected. Calling himself a conservative is a joke and an affront to real conservatives who know a fake politician like Bryne when they spot one.