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BEDFORD Was His Name O


Yesterday evening after spending over 4 hours discussing SB380 as amended by Senator Rodger Bedford (D), the AL Senate passed a constitutional amendment legalizing BINGO. Senator Bedford’s bill, SB380 originally came up in the senate earlier in the session but failed to receive the 21 votes needed to bring it up for discussion. With two senators changing their vote, Senators Jim Preuitt and Bobby Denton, passage was inevitable.


Discussion on the bill began just after 2:30. From 2:30 until 5:40 proponents of the bill stood at the mic discussing its merits in what seemed to be a stall or filibuster. At one point Senator Charles Bishop (R) asked the president of the Senate if it appeared to him that those in favor of the bill were filibustering themselves. The filibuster continued until around 5:20 when Senator Lowell Barron, chairman of the Rules Committee offered a cloture petition (petition to close debate). The petition stated that a vote must take place at 6:15. Those in favor of the bill continued to filibuster only allowing opponents less than 20 minutes to state their concerns or offer amendments.


In the short time the opponents had to speak, Senator Paul Sanford (R) rose to the mic extremely frustrated saying to the body, “Why is it that they (senators) stand up here and say “Let the people vote” but do not let the senators speak on the issue. This was not a debate today; this was a show for the media and the gallery. “


Following comments by only 4 republicans, Senator Bobby Denton (D) who voted with the republicans previously on this issue addressed the senate. Denton told the senate that he had been praying on this issue and speaking with pastors. Denton said, “Perception is a powerful moral virtue, almost as strong as love and hate. I oppose gambling and always have but we cannot operate government at any level by relying on perception. “In closing Denton told the body, “Please don’t vote yes or no on this issue because of the way I vote. Please don’t judge me for the way I will vote. “


Following Denton’s comments, the cloture petition passed the AL Senate and a vote was taken. The senate passed the BINGO bill with a vote of 21 to 13. Republican Senators Harri Anne Smith and Jimmy Holley voted for the bill. Democratic Senators Jim Preuitt and Bobby Denton, who originally voted against the bill, switched their vote.


This bill will now transmit to the House and be assigned to committee. Stay tuned for more updates on the BINGO legislation in the legislature.

5 Responses to “BEDFORD Was His Name O”

  1. WAHHHH,
    The poor weak mindless politicians didn’t get their time in the sunlight to pander to the public.



  2. Morals are in the realm of government, both self-government and civil-government. The government punishes the wrongdoers. When we call wrong, “right,” we overstep the boundaries of authority. We have the authority to change Alabama’s constitution, but we don’t have the authority to say that a bad thing is a good thing. The more people deny this, the bigger civil government has to be. Get it? The more we do wrong, the greater the need for punishment of wrong, i.e., government intervention. Supply and demand. If everyone had it in their mind to do right before the One who judges, then there would be a very slight demand for punishment.

  3. To put it another and perhaps better way: Bigger self-government = smaller civil government. Self-government thrives on doing what is right. On the other hand, imposing greater civil government on people who do right serves only the purposes of bureaucracy and waste. Gambling is a waste and a scourge on a people who embrace it.

  4. [...] the calendar the senate adopted Barron’s special order calendar with a vote of 20 to 10. Here is a detailed account of the BINGO debate on Tuesday. The Senate debated SB380 as amended by Sen. [...]

  5. [...] the calendar the senate adopted Barron’s special order calendar with a vote of 20 to 10. Here is a detailed account of the BINGO debate on Tuesday. The Senate debated SB380 as amended by Sen. [...]