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Artur Davis Holds Newser Today

Democratic candidate for governor and congressman Artur Davis holds a news conference at his Birmingham HQ at 1pm to further discuss what he calls  “racially tinged” rhetoric from supporters of his opponent, Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks.

Davis’s calls for Sparks to “denounce” such talk began Monday morning during an interview on FOX6 WBRC’s  Good Day Alabama.

Ironically, his latest comments come on a day when the Wall Street Journal profiles his campaign. In that story, WSJ reporter Corey Dade observes Davis has been “taking a cue from President Barack Obama’s strategy on race…. Don’t bring it up.” Things may be changing.

The Sparks campaign calls Davis’s comments “irresponsible” and say “race has no place in any campaign.”

When asked about the Davis comments in Montgomery during a news conference concerning the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, Commissioner Sparks said he knew nothing about it and said he would talk first with campaign staffers.

This morning on Good Day Alabama, Birmingham Southern College political science professor Natalie Davis said at this point “it gets nasty.”

“Whenever race starts to penetrate these elections, people get antsy.”

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One Response to “Artur Davis Holds Newser Today”

  1. Race is always an issue during election years. Who gets the majority of the “White” vote and who gets the majority of the “Black” vote and who gets the “Hispanic” vote. Why is Mr. Davis making an issue of what an intercepted letter from Mr. Sparks’ campaign says? It appears that it is he who wants to make “race” an issue. After all, who was he seen with this week in Birmingham? None other than Mr. Race himself, Jesse Jackson. Mr. Davis, you really need to take a long look into the representation of your soon to be former Congressional district as to why you are not electable. I work in your(district) and you are not a favorable candidate from both the “Black” and “White” community.