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Alabama GOP Recount Set for Tuesday

Secretary of State Beth Chapman put it this way in an email to GOP chairman Mike Hubbard and the James and Bentley campaigns over the weekend:

Mr. Tim James petitioned for a recount. The Republican Party chairman agreed to a recount, the Attorney General agreed to a recount, I have agreed to a recount…. A recount for Mr. James is the one thing that everyone has agreed to.

Today, Attorney General Troy King complains of “misinformation” concerning his advisory opinion.

This is the statement his office released this morning:

Tim James accused me of blocking his recount from going forward.  That is simply not true.  My Opinion said the recount could go forward, and, it is indeed going forward tomorrow.  If Mr. James wishes to challenge the primary election after tomorrow’s recount, he is certainly free to do so.  His challenge would be before the State Republican Party – not the Attorney General’s Office – and neither Mr. James nor the Republican Party is required to follow an Attorney General’s Opinion.  The Opinion request was made by the Secretary of State for her guidance and it was written for that purpose alone.

Republican party officials expect the recount to begin tomorrow, but believe it could last through Thursday.

Right now, Tim James campaign is waiting for the process to begin after a weekend of talking with Chapman and GOP chairman Mike Hubbard. A spokesman says the campaign cut the checks to go out to the counties to pay for the recount and filed a “statement of contest” to protect the campaigns rights in the event there is a contest of the vote.

The Bentley campaign made news over the weekend, overhauling staff. Campaign manager David Ferguson and comms director Steven Berry are out, Mike Huckabee son-in-law Bryan Sanders is in.  Sanders works for Dresner, Wickers and Associates, which has advised the Bentley campaign. The change made Politico news today.

The frontrunner in the June 1st primary, Bradley Byrne is on the Gulf Coast today, it would appear far, far away from the recount.

His campaign has posted a new commercial called Protect in recent days.

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