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Alabama Dems: “Riley usurping local authority and the Constitution.”

By Bob Howell – WSFA 12 News Anchor, Montgomery, AL

State Democrats blast Riley’s “anti-gambling push” in Dothan. Here’s the party’s statement:

Dothan, AL – The Chair of the Houston County Democratic Party today has called on Houston County citizens of all political stripes to rise up against Governor Riley’s attempt to shut down the Country Crossing Development through his gaming task force. Houston County Democratic Chairwoman Jennifer Adams today says that Riley’s attempt to close a legal, private development is costing Houston County workers their jobs and hurting the local governments’ that are benefitting from the new revenue Country Crossing has generated. Just last week Country Crossing presented $1.6 million in fees to the people of Houston County for water, schools and public libraries.

“Bob Riley needs to stay out of Houston County’s local affairs and concentrate on creating new jobs instead of killing jobs in the Wiregrass. Country Crossings and its investors have followed the law and Houston County citizens have the legal constitutional right to self-determination on this issue. Bob Riley needs to quit helping the Mississippi Choctaw gaming interests and stay out of Houston County.” Adams stated today.

State Democratic Chairman Joe Turnham supports the Houston County Democratic position and says that Riley has circumvented his constitutional authority. “The people of Houston County have every right to self-determination on the issue of Country Crossing. Governor Riley’s task force is his way of bypassing the Attorney General, the Houston County Commission, the Houston County Sheriff and the local District Attorney who have authority on this matter. His actions are absolutely bizarre.” Turnham noted.

Adams says that both Riley and the Republican Party will pay a price at the ballot box throughout the Wiregrass in November for meddling in a Houston County matter and for killing free enterprise, private investment and jobs in the Wiregrass.

One Response to “Alabama Dems: “Riley usurping local authority and the Constitution.””

  1. Not only does Riley need to stay out of Houston County with his anti-gambling issues, this man needs to be impeached and sent to prison for the same thing that Seigleman was sent to prison for. It’s ok to take money for the Indians in Mississippi and gamble there. While the state of Alabama is in a economical down fall. Unemployment is on the up rise, and some teachers may out of a job soon due to no Revenues to pay them to teach. I for one do not see Riley creating jobs for the citizens of Alabama. I have close friends that work for Mr. Ronnie Gilley. He gave houston county and it’s sister counties hope by building Country Crossing, taking some people on unemployment a job. If Country Crossing is not allowed to have the electronic bingo machines then it should stand for even the Indian Reservations not being able to use as they call it “gambling machines”. People will continue going across the state line and giving revenues to our sister states. That is not fair to the citizens of Alabama. Alabama’s monies should stay in Alabama therefore helping our state. Riley has become obbessed with this issue. He really needs to take a back seat and listen to what the people wants instead of what he wants. No mans pockets are lined with gold, therefore what money you have with you, you can not take with you when you leave this earth. He will be leaving Alabama in November and another Governor will take his place. I just hope and pray that the citizens of Alabama think and listen to the up comming elections and choose the Governor that will be willing to STAND/WITH FOR THE PEOPLE not against the people by helping create jobs to get people off welfare and out of the unemployment lines. If people choose to gamble they’re going to do it reguardless where they have to go to do it.
    May God bless Alabama.
    One hot Geneva Citizen!