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AL GOP: James, Moore, Bentley and Byrne on TV this week

Tim James launches a new campaign commercial called Language today.

We’ve noticed Roy Moore is now up in Birmingham with one of his musical spots. This one from Elements of Difference.

Moore is also touting an endorsement from retired racing legend Bobby Allison.

Dr. Robert Bentley has returned to television this week with the One Candidate spot.

Monday, Bradley Byrne responded to The Liberal Bradley Byrne spots with this commercial.

The response ad comes as Sebastian Kitchen reports in The Montgomery Advertiser that PAC’s heavily funded by the AEA contributed to the True Republican PAC, which launched the anti-Byrne commercial.

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4 Responses to “AL GOP: James, Moore, Bentley and Byrne on TV this week”

  1. I am fully behind Tim James with his language decissions. I do not know where he stands on anything else how ever this one topic; it’s about time some one stands up and says what we’ve all be saying and thinking behind closed doors. I am all for others coming to our contury and making a living however when you move some where new you learn the customs and rules for that place. and that means the language too!

  2. Tim Jmes is speaking for millions of Americans

  3. Questions for all Candidates running for Governor in the State of Alabama:
    1. A tax on income is taking money from those who earn distributing it to government agencies, including giving a portion to those who do not work. It is a redistribution of wealth, and a Marxist principle (See: “The Ten Planks of Communism,” by Marx and Engels, the #2 plank). If you are elected governor would you support repealing the State income tax? And the same is true for property tax. So, would you support legislation to repeal the pro-Marxist property tax for individuals owning property?
    2. What would you do, as governor to reduce government spending and reducing the size of State government?
    3. What action would you support to get illegal aliens out of our state?
    4. How would you reduce the cost of education and get rid of the high salaries paid to “superintendents of education?”
    5. What would you do to reduce the cost of homeowners’ insurance premiums for coastal counties?
    6. How do you feel about the state government competing with free enterprise?
    7. What do you propose to do to enhance individual freedoms, and get laws repealed that restricts freedoms?
    8. Do you favor repealing the law that makes it difficult for third party candidates to get on the ballots and introduce legislation making it easy for independent parties to give the people a choice?

  4. This agenda is not earthshaking, nor relatively important in any sense. I see it as a simple ploy to attract attention. It would be interesting to research the “cost savings” Mr. James expects to enjoy by limiting license tests to “English only”. I suspect the savings would be limited to the cost of a Xeroxed copy of a master test. More savings would be seen by raising/lowering state facility thermostats by 1 degree. This savings plan, alas would not enlist the same interest as “foreigners”.
    My dear Anne (comments above):
    If I were you, I would be careful about submitting such a reply as you did. Your spelling, grammar, and punctuation does not demonstrate YOUR command of the “English” language. Please DO close your door, so we can not hear your mindless, bigotted chatter.