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Air War: Bentley and Sparks With New Commercials

In case you missed it, Ron Sparks says he’s not a doctor.

The Democratic nominee for governor says he knows What’s Ailing Alabama? in his new :30 spot.

The man who is a doctor in this campaign, Republican nominee Robert Bentley, has also rolled out a new :30 commercial, I Love My Patients.

The general election is 36 days away.

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One Response to “Air War: Bentley and Sparks With New Commercials”

  1. I watched the debate between Bentley n Sparks n i am Democratic so i voted for Sparks but really wanted bentley n after tonights debate there’s no doubt that Bentley will get my support if Sparks put as much effort in what he could do to help Alabama as he did taking punches at Bentley he might have been a good man in my eyes but he showed his true colors in the debate God Help you Sparks.