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The “Just Say No” Crowd

Sometime in the last decade, my father, disgusted with seeing countless local amendments on his general election ballot told me he had had enough. He would not, he declared, vote “yes” for another constitutional amendment on an Alabama ballot until it was “straightened up.” “Really, Dad, shouldn’t you consider on a case by case basis,” [...]

Write-In Candidates

Every election, in every year, some voters decide that the candidates they see printed on their ballot are just not to their liking. Those are times when people choose to go with a “write-in” candidate rather than the common candidates. It has happened many times in political history when a write-in candidate has won their [...]

Understanding Amendment 1

As election day approaches on November 2, we’re going to do our best to give you as much information as we can about each of the proposed constitutional amendments on this year’s ballot. Today we start with Amendment 1. Amendment 1 is probably the most difficult of the 4 proposed constitutional amendments to understand on [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-22

Town of Pike Road opened its Town Hall today. Mayor says the town was 350 people in 1997. Now it's more than 5000. Huge growth. # RSA Chief Dr. David Bronner says Amendment 3 is a bad idea for Alabama. Says it would not create jobs fast enough. ^MR # ARBA President Billy Norrell says [...]

Caught on Video: Network News Gives Al. Pol the Spotlight

“If you don’t want me to take this to you, leave.” Those words from Rep. A.J. McCampbell (D-Linden) caught on video during an ABC News investigation into lobbyists influence on statehouses across the country. Rep. McCampbell was holding a golf club in his hand as he dismissed a college journalist’s repeated questions about his golf [...]

Watching Sparks & Bentley Campaign

A lot of positive reaction to my stories about Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks.  It’s unprecedented that candidates would allow the news media to wire them up with a microphone for hour after hour and let us shoot video behind the scenes of the campaign. What surprised me most during the hours we spent on [...]

James Anderson: Opponent “Just A Washington Lobbyist”

Democratic nominee for Attorney General James Anderson quotes his momma on Good Day Alabama. Anderson says claims by Republican opponent Luther Strange that he has legal ties to Milton McGregor is “just a story.” Anderson says he represents Macon county’s sheriff which has put Anderson in court several times this year over attempted raids of [...]

Big Luther Campaigns with Virginia AG

Virginia’s Republican Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, says he came to Alabama to “build a team.” The headline grabbing AG considered a Tea Party favorite is campaigning for Alabama’s Republican nominee for AG, Luther Strange. Cuccinelli has been campaigning for fellow Republicans around the country. Monday he was campaigning for a Republican candidate in Iowa. The [...]

Sparks & Bentley: Raw & Unscripted

You are going to see something this week (Tuesday & Wednesday Oct 5th & 6th at 9:30 PM) that you never get to see on television news.”   You’re going to see your candidates for governor raw, unscripted, and behind the scenes wearing a TV news microphone out on the campaign trail for hour after hour. [...]

Who Are These Guys? (Bentley & Sparks)

WHO ARE THESE GUYS? Do you feel like you don’t really know the two men who are running for Alabama Governor yet? You see their campaign commercials. You see 15 second sound bites on the news. And maybe you have even seen one of their debates. But, I’ve talked to plenty of people who say [...]