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Candidates Campaign Hard on Holiday

We’re now just hours away from the polls opening for primary election day. Many of the candidates spent part of their day campaigning in the Birmingham area Monday. Several campaign operatives said having an election just 1 day after Memorial Day will probably hurt turnout tomorrow, and that makes securing every last vote Monday all [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-29

VIDEO: Candidates for Attorney General go head to head on WSFA's Newsmakers- http://bit.ly/9tbh0s # Alabama AG King blasts governor who appointed him: http://bit.ly/bOFBYQ # Follow Us On Election Night: http://bit.ly/at9BZA #

Follow Us On Election Night

Looking for election return results on June 1st? Look no further, we will post all results on this blog.   Want to see video of candidates at their election return parties and even some acceptance and concession speeches? We will have it right here.  Desperate for up to the minute tweets on election returns? That’s right, [...]

Newsmakers: Attorney General Candidates go head to head

Just days away from the June 1st primary election, WSFA’s Bob Howell hosted all 5 candidates for Attorney General. Howell kicked off the show by sitting down with both republican candidates, Luther Strange and incumbent Troy King. Following a tense discussion with the republican, the democrats took center stage with Michel Nicrosi, Giles Perkins, and [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-28

Campaign 2010: Candidates for attorney general stress their experience: http://bit.ly/bLneA2 # Gov. Riley works to unseat AG he appointed: http://bit.ly/a8SEk5 # Today @TimJames2010 was endorsed by Sarah Palin's father and brother: http://bit.ly/a2Z9na # Make sure to watch WSFA's Newsmakers tonight on wsfa.com and wsfa 12.2. @ 9:30. Bob Howell hosted ALL 5 candidates for attorney [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-27

VIDEO: Lobbyists continue to flock to the federal courthouse : http://bit.ly/dqcgF2 # Joe Perkins & Rick Hartsell have both testified before the grand jury this morning in connection w/ bribery allegations at the state house. # VIDEO: UPDATED: Grand Jury Testimonies continue: http://bit.ly/dqcgF2 # Looking forward to hosting all 5 Attorney General candidates on WSFA's [...]

Final Grand Jury Testimoy for the Day-Joe Perkins

Closing out grand jury testimonies for today, Joe Perkins spoke with the media about his time with the feds. Here is the video below. Perkins also addressed comments by Congressman Artur Davis about what his appearance before the grand jury means for the Ron Sparks campaign.

UPDATED: Grand Jury Testimonies continue

Lobbyists continue to flock to the federal courthouse today for their turn testifying before the federal grand jury. Here is video of lobbyist Joe Perkins with the Matrix Group and Rick Hertsill with Direct Communications entering the courthouse.

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-26

Disqualified Ala. senator ready to go independent: http://bit.ly/br4vSg # Country Crossing considering re-opening: http://bit.ly/c8FP9A # Ala. Supreme Court overrules itself, makes historic decision: http://bit.ly/djvL3T # Ala. county commissioner indicted for murder: http://bit.ly/dlmBDu # VIDEO: Federal Grand Jury Returns, Lobbyists Testify: http://bit.ly/dxVpFR # Lobbyist Ferrell Patrick left the federal courthouse this morning after testifying before the [...]

Lobbyists continue to file in one by one

A steady stream of lobbyists continue to march into the federal courthouse today. Lobbyist Don Gilbert testified before the Grand Jury this morning and following him was Johnny Moore a lobbyist for the Porch Creek Indians. See the video below.