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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-29

Davis, Sparks show differences for Ala. governor: http://bit.ly/9mNyN9 # Pro-Siegelman pickets protest at Rove appearance: http://bit.ly/9Uo8BH # Alabama legislators receiving subpoenas on bingo: http://bit.ly/auzJf7 # Disorder and chaos cause some to leave public forum: http://bit.ly/aP0P6D # TIM JAMES TOP STORY ON YAHOO: http://bit.ly/aSAArH #

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-28

Taylor running for state senate: http://bit.ly/ceMAd9 # Tim James responds to campaign ad controversy: http://bit.ly/bSs1Nf # Ex-Bush aide Karl Rove visiting Ala.: http://bit.ly/c3YizB # List emerges of subpoenaed Ala. legislators: http://bit.ly/avcP2R # Congressman Bright Announces Service Academy Appointments: http://bit.ly/cG8m0f # Davis, Sparks planning Montgomery appearances: http://bit.ly/dCSa7a # Federal grand jury to address electronic bingo bribery [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-24

PACT bill passes late in legislative session: http://www.myfoxal.com/global/story.asp?s=12357299 # Ala. governor signs General Fund budget: http://bit.ly/cTIoFa # Ron Sparks' campaign manager resigns after DUI: http://bit.ly/ccaOLQ # $600,000 offices in Alabama State House questioned: http://bit.ly/cf1b8x # @kevinlpugh Enterprise and Prattville would probably disagree with you, but we're always open to all points of view. Have a [...]

Gateway to Goat Hill (Legislative Week in Review)

   Black bails on BINGO vote  The issue that dominated this legislative session died in the House of Representatives and thus will never receive a vote of the people. The lead sponsor of BINGO legislation in the House, Marcel Black (D), addressed the House on Wednesday afternoon. Black assured the body that a vote to [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-22

Electronic bingo debate scheduled in Alabama House: http://bit.ly/b6Hkc7 # Bobby Allison endorses Roy Moore for Ala. governor: http://bit.ly/bMV90r # It's 'do or die' time in the Ala. Legislature: http://bit.ly/cWtb97 # Bingo operations in Bessemer hoping for court protection: http://bit.ly/9GYJCy # Governor signs bill to make Jeffco transactions more open: http://bit.ly/cQ8Ybn # Lawmakers busy with only [...]

The Fat Lady Is Preparing to Sing…B-I-N-G-O

To be such a talked about bill all session, this bill turned out to be a big flop. Today the Alabama House carried over SB380 sponsored by Representative Marcel Black. According to Black, SB380 would legalize, tax, and regulate electronic bingo in the state of Alabama. Black spoke on the bill for a few minutes [...]

Final Days: Senate Leaders Expect PACT, Road Passage

With e-bingo one of the remaining major bills with a chance of passage in the final two days of the legislative session, House Majority Leader Ken Guin (D-Carbon Hill) says he would prefer to not bring it up if the votes are not there. Rep. Marcel Black (D-Tuscumbia) says he is still working to secure [...]

Latest Davis Commercial

Congressman Artur Davis releases a new commercial in his campaign for governor. People First touches on special interest, out-of-state tax breaks for corporations and high school drop outs.

AL GOP: James, Moore, Bentley and Byrne on TV this week

Tim James launches a new campaign commercial called Language today. We’ve noticed Roy Moore is now up in Birmingham with one of his musical spots. This one from Elements of Difference. Moore is also touting an endorsement from retired racing legend Bobby Allison. Dr. Robert Bentley has returned to television this week with the One [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-20

Alabama Legislature meets to discuss bingo bill, construction, and tuition: http://bit.ly/cQu9OM # Odds slim for bill to ban contribution transfers: http://bit.ly/c8Nzl0 # Sparks picks up endorsement from Alabama New South Coalition: http://bit.ly/c3YCLb # Democratic candidates release tax returns: http://bit.ly/8YxLk2 # Two more days left for the Alabama Legislature: http://bit.ly/9qHJlB # GOP biggest contributor to Ala. [...]