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Twitter Updates for 2010-02-26

Watch Inside AL’s Legislature with Senators Lowell Barron and Larry Dixon: http://alabama.raycompolitics.com/watch-inside-als-legislature-2 # Alabama Supreme Court to rehear bingo case: http://bit.ly/b60Ffd # House votes to bail out PACT, bill heads to Senate: http://bit.ly/8ZHSE5 #

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It seems absurd to think that families on the same street could pay different tuition at identical state schools

Watch Inside AL’s Legislature

WSFA’s Bob Howell hosted Senators Lowell Barron (D-Fyffe) and Larry Dixon (R-Montgomery) on this week’s edition of Inside Alabama’s Legislature. Barron and Dixon discussed BINGO, the PACT program, ethics, and state budgets. Inside Alabama’s Legislature-BINGO Inside Alabama’s Legislature-PACT Inside Alabama\’s Legislature-Ethics Inside Alabama’s Legislature-Final thoughts

Twitter Updates for 2010-02-25

The Alabama House and Senate have come to order for the 15th legislative day. Both houses are taking time to remember Rep. Beck. # The AL House takes up PACT Legislation. # The AL House discusses HB228 by Rep. Ford relating to the PACT program. # View HB228-PACT: http://bit.ly/cyrguW,, # Rep. Hubbard says that he [...]

Artur Davis Campaign Goes on TV

Democratic candidate for governor Artur Davis will go up on Huntsville television with an “Alabama First” message. The candidate’s TV spot begins with the fight over funding for the Rocket City’s NASA and missile defense jobs. It points to his economic plan that proposes tax cuts for job creation. Watch it here. Davis rolled out [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-02-24

Look for LIVE tweets inside the House Education Appropriations committee meeting. # First bill for discussion in the House EA committee is HB99, the Education Trust Fund Rolling Reserve Act http://bit.ly/a2TSBJ,, # Sponsor of HB99, Rep. Greg Canfield: Education trust fund revenues are highly sensitive to the changing economy. # Superintendent of Andalusia Schools: I [...]

Blueprint Birmingham

In recent weeks, candidates for governor have passed through Birmingham showcasing their focused plan for economic development. Jobs creation, they say, that will work for the Birmingham metro. What many in Birmingham have learned  is that the metro must get its act together before seeing “real” commitment or help from those in Montgomery. Gov. Bob [...]

Ron Sparks and that $500,000 loan

“I don’t know what the big issue is.” Agriculture and Industries Commissioner Ron Sparks answers more questions about that loan to his campaign. An editorial page question for the last week from the MobilePressRegister/BhamNews/MontgomeryAdvertiser/PoliticalParlor/etc: where did the money come from? In particular, a $500,000 personal loan to campaign Sparks. While it may not be a [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-02-23

Bingo Battle: Showdown at the Statehouse: http://bit.ly/b8j39A # Pro and anti-bingo rallies to be held in Montgomery: http://bit.ly/9q09YW # The Alabama House has come to order for the 14th legislative day of the 2010 regular session. # The House discusses HJR54 by Rep. D. Newton relating to a constitutional convention. http://bit.ly/clmruK,, # The Alabama Senate [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-02-22

Governor's task force banishes 300 bingo machines: http://bit.ly/9Tf0O6 # Victoryland Statement on New Lawsuits: http://www.wsfa.com/global/story.asp?s=12015309 # McGregor's lawyers respond to VictoryLand suit: http://bit.ly/dt0eVw # PAC to PAC to DIE: http://bit.ly/cSNIDe # "Let the People Vote" Rally set for Tuesday: http://bit.ly/bm137P # State won't pay legal fees for computer lawsuit: http://bit.ly/c3BfaP # Alabama Democratic Party says [...]